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What new features are coming soon?

Can I use Made2pay on multiple devices?

When you want to use Made2pay on multiple devices

Delete Made2pay data

When you want to delete the data from Made2pay

Forgot your PIN code, what now?

When you have forgotten your PIN code

How do I set up Made2pay

Take the next step in getting started with Made2pay

How do I start selling?

We will help you on your way

I can no longer email my statistics?

When you can no longer email your statistics

I can no longer find my receipt or order?

When you cannot find a receipt or order

I can no longer import?

When you can no longer import

I can no longer print?

When you can no longer print

I cannot install the cash register app on my device?

When you cannot install the cash register app on your device

I no longer have an internet connection?

When you do not have internet access

My PIN machine is not working, what now?

When your PIN machine no longer works

My cash drawer no longer opens, what now?

When your cash drawer no longer opens

My device is broken, what now?

When your device is broken


With this step-by-step plan you can optimally set up your cash register and start selling within 5 minutes!

Register with Made2pay

Let's start with using Made2pay

Switch from old Made2pay to new Made2pay

This article explains how you can switch from the old to the new Made2pay app

The app crashes, what now?

When your cash register app crashes

Which industries?

Below is an overview of some industries that can work with Made2pay.

Payment settings

Configure and maintain payment settings

Printer settings

Start adding and managing your printer


Start by setting a deposit

Import menu

Import your menu via an Excel file


The application supports multiple languages

Cash flow

Start managing your incoming and outgoing funds, called cash flow.


Start managing your statistics

Create and edit category

Start by creating your first category

Order Tools

Start by setting up your Order Tools

Create and manage subscription

Start by taking out a subscription

Create and customize products

Create your first products or adjust them as needed

Add and manage inventory

Add inventory to a product

Create and manage table plan

Create a table plan or an order place to place orders

Adjust VAT

Do you want to adjust the VAT on multiple items? Then follow the steps below.

Create and manage staff

Create your first products or adjust them as needed

Rights and roles

With rights and roles you can give employees access to a section within the cash register.

Set up online ordering integration

In the cash register app you can have online orders received automatically